Lagos Street Art Festival

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Our mission is to integrate culture and arts in urban public spaces to shape the images and identity of cities, while empowering the people within these communities.

Public art or art in public places is a growing phenomenon with Governments across the Globe recognizing the importance of art in place making. There appear to be brands and grant providers ready to fund governments who want to help renew public spaces and contribute to the cultural life of a community through a variety of art forms.
We believe that street art, when properly executed within cities, highlights the value of outdoor spaces. It brings communities together with a sense of ownership and shared identity. Through murals, collages, mosaics, stencil painting, monument artworks, these forms of contemporary art open up avenues for integration between neighborhoods, and cities.

Globally, street art has been found to boost attractiveness, image, and tourism across cities. It is a way of democratizing culture!
In alignment with Lagos State’s journey towards becoming Africa’s model mega city, we believe that this project presents an opportunity to create an impactful story that positions our beautiful city on a global stage.

Letter from founding Council

As members of the founding council of the Lagos Street Art Festival, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming celebration of the transformative power of public art in our beloved city, Lagos.
Art has always been a powerful medium through which societies express themselves, reflect their cultures, and ignite conversations about important issues.

Public art is not merely an aesthetic embellishment but a powerful tool that can shape narratives, foster community cohesion, and contribute significantly to the growth of our city. Beautifying public spaces not only enhances our city’s aesthetics but also elevates the quality of life for its residents. Public art has the potential to become a landmark attraction, drawing both local and international visitors, enhancing tourism and contributing to the local economy.

By investing in public art, we can shape the narrative of Lagos into one that celebrates its rich cultural heritage while embracing a progressive and inclusive future. I invite you to join me on this exciting journey towards developing the public art space in Lagos. Together, we can create a sustainable framework that ensures the longevity and maintenance of these artistic expressions.

The Lagos Street Art Festival is a 5-Day event to promote Street Art and creativity through collaboration. This Festival will bring together Artists, Creatives, and Art enthusiasts together to enjoy art as never been showcased before in Nigeria.

We’re building bridges and opening doors – and we invite you to join us on this journey!
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